Our story......

  • The story behind our story.......

    Over 15 years as a blue-chip strategy consultant helping c-suite telecom, media and technology sector clients deliver innovation, digital transformation and growth, our founder noticed something.....


    Clients were all asking the same question:

    1) How is digital and technology affecting our business, customers, organisations, strategies and industries....?

    2) How do we innovate, transform and grow quickly enough in a world where digital/technology and customers change faster than organisations?

    3) How do we take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital and technology?


    The problem we solve for clients....the gap we close

    • Clients tell us they're tired of 'package consultancy' partners selling them one-size-fits-all strategy / innovation / digital transformation powerpoints to be delivered by junior, inexperienced graduates or re-sprayed staff, who need to get off  the bench, whereas
    • What they need is an outside-in perspective from experienced people who've been through their journey and can help them navigate complexity and disruption , while delivering innovation and growth leveraging digital and technology-led opportunities, tailored to THEIR business 
    • We call it "the gap" - the gap between what clients need and what they're generally offered 

    Why newmedia2.0 was founded

    • That's where newmedia2.0 come in
    • We set up the business in 2011 to close "the gap" and offer C-suite clients /business leaders the bespoke, strategic innovation and growth support they tell us they really need - because we have it
    • We're called newmedia2.0 because we're in chapter 2 of the digital/tech revolution: whereas newmedia1.0 was the age of the "shiny shop window", in newmedia2.0, digital is integrated into every aspect of successful organisations. That's right now! 

    What newmedia2.0 offer

    • newmedia2.0 work closely with c-suite business leaders to help you understand how digital/ technology disruption is impacting your business/organisation, customers, industry and competitors, how to navigate the complexity and rapid change, innovate and grow, taking advantage of the opportunities new digital technologies offer 
    • That's our expertise and experience from decades as blue-chip business, innovation and transformation leaders, entrepreneurs and advisors to other business leaders in the fast paced, high growth digital/tech space - from startups to blue-chip corporates and the public sector
    • We've been on the journey you're on, and know what you're up against....tasked with growing your business and shaping the future, while optimizing (defending) the present,  people /organisations who often don't like change or have the wrong skills or mindset...... it's tough 
    • We listen carefully to  your challenges and needs, share our experience and work closely with you to develop and deliver the right strategies for innovation and growth for YOUR business

    Our People

    • We're 'grown-up' experts in our space and seasoned business leaders ourselves with deep experience of founding, running, leading, innovating, transforming and growing businesses
    • We're known business leaders, thought leaders, conference chairs and media commentators 
    • We work in close partnership with the top universities and business schools 
    • We play key roles in startup communities across the UK and Nordics and offer clients access to the latest innovations from the most innovative startups in areas relevant to you
    • We're open, honest, transparent and agile - say it as it is and what we do/don't do  - isn't that what you want? 
    • We're likeable - the kind of people our clients like to chat and go for a drink with after work

    Our World​

    • We're extremely well connected at c-suite level of leading organisations, with influencers, thought leaders, top universities, think tanks, senior government officials, government agencies, and startup communities in the UK, Nordics and Baltics
    • We have offices in London, Copenhagen and Bangalore

    Our Vision

    • Our vision is to be industry leading innovation and growth partner to c-suite/executive clients of pioneering private and public sector organisations 


    Our Mission

    • To help our clients develop and deliver bespoke strategies for innovation, transformation and growth, tailored to YOUR needs in the digital age

    Our Values

    • The customer is the boss - everything starts with your customers or you have no business
    • We're committed to excellence - all our business comes through recommendations (no advertising)
    • We're honest, independent, trustworthy, impartial and straight talking
    • We only bring the best people to the table 
    • We believe digital and technology are enablers, NOT drivers, of business growth​
  • We help YOU deliver customer driven, digital/tech enabled innovation and growth in the digital age